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I am a triathlete | I am a lover of microbreweries and craft beer | I am convinced these two passions go hand-in-hand | I am hard on myself and my running shoes | I am fond of recovering from a hard workout with a fantastic beer | I am in support of individuals who love to create daring and delicious beers |

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First run in new @skechersGO Strada trainers. Light, responsive, comfy, they got me through some hill sprints with flying colors.

The only thing I like almost as much as Game of Thrones is the Ommegang GoT beer series. Fire and Blood is a slightly heated red ale brewed with ancho chili. Almost as hot as Khalessi’s dragons.

Enjoying a deliciously rich chocolate stout from Brooklyn Brewery during our late-night pre-race excursion to Boulder City. Rage Olympic tri tomorrow, then Boulder Dam Brewery!

#tbt All the way back to this morning’s Bikun workout. #haveafastday

I’ve been recovering from workouts really well recently, hitting the next day ready to go. There are probably different reasons for that. I’ve been trying to get decent amounts of sleep, Gerardo has been scheduling a smart plan, and I’m always getting a full spectrum of vitamins and electrolytes from Pur Pak. But I’m definitely giving credit to a new partnership with Rockin Wellness for a good part of the recovery help.

It’s a whole body shake that provides antioxidants, Omega 3, 6 & 9, protein, fiber, and energy, all from real food sources. It’s vegan, non-GMO, free of wheat, yeast and gluten. It’s made with raw cacao, goji berries, chia seeds, hulled hemp seeds, yerba mate, maca root, brown rice protein and more. I’ve been using it as either part of a quick grab and go breakfast with a Bonk Breaker, or as a snack after lunch while at work. If you’re interested in trying it, this link will bring you to a great sale they’re currently having.

"Quack…quack…quack..quack..quack..quack.quack.quack,quack!" - Mighty Ducks

Lured into The Black Hand chocolate milk stout from Speakeasy. My nose is too stuffy to smell it but I bet it’s smooth, with lots of roasted chocolate.

Sometimes weekends are really fun. When that’s the case, they usually involve lots of training, good beer, and some fun people. All of these things were present last weekend and it didn’t disappoint. I had a great 4 Bonk Breaker solo ride Friday, my third or fourth ride of over 70 miles ever, and I’m happy to be feeling much stronger on these long efforts. Hopefully the endurance will translate into some quicker running off the bike this season.


Saturday was race time! I raced the Pacific Half Marathon, one of the Great Race of Agoura races. The course was really challenging for me, and that is why I signed up for it. Hills have always been tough for me, and this course had plenty of them. I need to learn to accept that running faster than what I’m accustomed to will hurt, and get ready to turn the pain into an accomplice. 

On our run workouts in the last two weeks, Coach G had me practicing some race effort climbs and quick descents to figure out how to get through them and still race the full 13.3 miles. It really helped with the one long descent around mile 4. In training, my lower leg-area started hurting on quick asphalt descents. I was landing too hard, and braking a little. I had to practice leaning into the hill, using my quads and core to stay strong and using momentum. This did help during the race, and I was able to finish the descent without pain to run the last 8 miles hard. At mile 11 I was in fourth place for the women. I kept racing, instead of giving in and accepting fourth, and finished in a close second place. This was huge for me, since I’m most accustomed to being passed late in the race, rather than passing.

The rest of the day was spent with basketball, beer and two birthday parties. Pretty perfect.

Sunday I woke up really sore, but slammed some Pur Pak and Rockin Wellness and limped to Simi Valley for my first swim meet since I was in high school. I signed up for the 100 breast, 100 back, 50 breast, 50 back, and 100 IM. All strokes I only swim for warm up and cool down, but that I used to race 15 years ago. This event was all about having fun with racing. Too often RACE DAY means an upset stomach, nerves, pressure, self-doubt, etc. It’s important to remember that it should also mean fun. And I had a fantastic time working hard and setting new adult-PRs in this event. It was the second time I’d used a starting block in almost 15 years, and the first backstroke start in as long. Muscle memory is an amazing thing, but it’s easy to lose that sprint speed!




Thanks to DUSTY for the sweet swim pics and GERARDO for the run pic!

Adult swim meets may be even more fun than kid swim meets!

T-Rex is alive and running! #dinosaurarms