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I am a triathlete | I am a lover of microbreweries and craft beer | I am convinced these two passions go hand-in-hand | I am hard on myself and my running shoes | I am fond of recovering from a hard workout with a fantastic beer | I am in support of individuals who love to create daring and delicious beers |

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As I’ve been working to improve my running speed over the past months (years?) I’ve learned that minimal shoes with flexibility and a bit of cushioning give my feet better feedback and have helped improve my stride. Luckily, Sketchers created skechers GOrun, a lightweight, ultra flexible shoe and has agreed to sponsor me for the season! I’m excited for the partnership and can’t wait to continue to explore the world of efficient running, in hopes that it will eventually help me to continue to drop my run times.

I’ve tested out the goRun’s on the track, and most recently at a half Ironman in Galveston, TX and I’m loving them. The cushioning is just enough to get through a half marathon run (for me) and makes me aware of how my feet are striking the ground, so I can focus on form and efficiency. Thanks Sketchers for joining my team and thanks for the kicks!

PS. Photo courtesy of Sam Diephius


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